The Virtual Platform of Romanian Classical Music

COOLsound 100 – The Virtual Platform of Romanian Classical Music opens a virtual portal to the audiences of today, allowing them to access the history of Romanian classical and contemporary music, viewed from the perspective of Romania’s Centenary celebrations and highlighting its diversity in terms of composers, performance techniques, and musical genres.


The main component is the Virtual Monograph of Romanian Music, which opens with twenty biographical pages that include everything that today’s music lovers look for: video, images, and text, in both Romanian and English.


Musicology is another component, which will come to life in the specially organised National Symposium and which will contain major research and encyclopaedia entries on Romanian music and composers throughout history.


The third component is the Virtual Tour, which goes beyond the area of Romanian music to encompass live films of complete recitals by Romanian musicians of different generations held in various concert halls and cities around the country, using moving images to place Romanian music in the context of universal music.

An Open Platform

COOLsound 100 – The Virtual Platform of Romanian Classical Music is an open resource, and while the immediate reason for creating it was Romania’s Centenary, we shall continue to look for occasions to expand it in the years to come and to continue the virtual monograph that we have today begun and to which there are still many fascinating pages to add.

Virtual Monograph of Romanian Music

Together we celebrate more than a century of creativity.

Visit each individual composer’s page for brief biographies, photographs and filmed performances of his or her compositions. Each page remains open, so please don’t forget to come back and enjoy newly added material illustrating the creativity and diversity of Romanian classical music, past and present.